Why I Decided to Change My Life

A series of medical tests.It happened back in 2007 (hence the name of my blog) and I remember it like it was yesterday. I woke up in the morning and I was barely able to move. My body ached and I felt an unbelievable tiredness. For the first week or two I thought I had picked up a bad virus, like a flu, but as the weeks wore on I wasn’t feeling any better. Up until that point the doctors had told me to rest and that the virus would pass. Continue reading

Five Ways You Can Spend More Time With Your Kids

A young family playing together.Children today are spending less time with their parents than ever. We just get so busy with work and life in general that we have such little time for our families. This is an extremely sad thing and I believe that if we make a little bit more time for our loved ones then we will be happier ourselves. I have found that spending more time with our kids is actually not quite as hard as it sounds. It starts by finding a little bit of time and making some effort. Here are five ideas I have used to spend more time with my kids. Continue reading

Interview Facts Every Lawyer Should Know

lawyerNot only is the process of making an application letter adding butterflies in your tummy, but also the process of being interviewed. Just like in any position, the time span of your very first interview always feels like the longest hour of your life, for instance. But of course, there’s a bright side of this. Not all interviews are that bad and that’s something every attorney should know. Apparently their dialogue with potential employers is not as bad as what most people think. There are just certain things you need to know prior to the interview to spare your tummy from being filled with butterflies.

It pays to know your interviewers

Yes it does, and yes you should know who he or she is. When you have enough facts about the law firm, it won’t be too difficult to play around during interview time. But if you know the person who is interviewing you, it’s a lot beneficial because you have more knowledge to show off. This will let the firm realize you’re one serious applicant and lawyering is indeed your passion. Oftentimes, fellow attorneys conduct the interview thus; spending a couple of hours in front of the computer and researching about the attorneys working in your desired firm is advised. Worry not for most law firms now own a website where they feature all their lawyers.

Don’t be intimidated

We all know this is impossible. The mere fact that your interviewer is already a highly experienced counsel and you’re just fresh grad, that can already be very daunting. So the idea here is to learn how to effectively hide the menace and fear growing in you. Once the lawyers sense this, they can have a negative impression on you. Bear in mind that attorneys are expected to be firm and confident and this is what should wrap you the moment you step in a law firm. You should also be prepared for there are instances when interviewers intent to intimidate their applicants and testing your inner strength. This is something you should show off and yet, balance it without being arrogant.

Each interview is different

Let’s say you applied in various Wirth Law Offices and most Oklahoma City Attorney and lawyers who interviewed you were “kind.” This doesn’t mean all interviews will go smoothly. Each law firm has its own technique and tactics in bringing out the worse and the best in every applying attorney. There are some interviews that can be grueling and rough while others can be smooth sailing. This means you should always be prepared. Not because you had a good first interview experience then the next will be the same. If you’re having more than 1 schedule for a day, it’s advisable to practice making a firm personality in you after let’s say a fun conference. If it didn’t turn out good, the more you should make a firm and strong but pleasing personality so that the next interviewer will see a fresh you and not a stressed out one.

Tips on How to Clear Clogged Drains

Plumbing.There is nothing more annoying than clogged drains!  A call to the plumber is apparent because if you do not attend to this problem immediately, be sure to prepare a good amount of money for more home repairs.  Imagine how costly it is to replace grout, tiles, and even flooring substrate.

Drain cleaning should be part of every homeowner’s repertoire of skills.  Hiring a plumber to unclog drains and pipes could indeed drain your resources.  Some blockages are easy enough to clear and do not need the attention of a professional.

Congestions may be caused by the accumulation of debris and other gunk on the strainers.  The solution is quite easy, only involving the removal and cleaning of the strainer.  Unthread the strainer, pry it loose, and remove debris that has built up.

For more serious blockages, a plunger can provide the much needed force to draw out whatever it is that obstructs the drain.  Blockade the overflow holes and drains of nearby sinks by wadding them with damp cloth.  Be sure that there is at least 2-3 inches of water on the sink or tub you are trying to unclog.  For a much tighter seal and powerful suction, spread petroleum jelly on the edge of the plunger.  Apply up and down force on the handle of the plunger to suction out the blockage.  You will know that you have successfully cleared the pipes when water runs to the drain fast.

A sewer snake is an important tool in removing jams that are actually far from the main drain or sink.  Remove the P-trap and pop in the sewer snake into the drain line until you find the clog.  Turn the handle and try dislodging the obstruction by thrusting the handle back and forth.  Once you have broken the clog, wash out the drain with cold water.  You then have to reassemble the P-trap and seal the threads.  Don’t forget to check for leaks!

If all else fails, then it is time for you to call the plumber!  You have to find an expert who gives affordable, reliable, and effective services.  There is great risk in hiring someone who is not adept to do the job the first time.  Recommendations from friends and family can really be helpful.  However if you really don’t know where to find the best people to help you with your clogged drains and other plumbing needs, you might want to consider www.provenplumbers.com.  This website helps you find pre-screened experts in your location and compare quotes from different contractors.  This way, you are assured the best and most affordable service.

I Saved Money With New Air Filters And You Can Too!


So I just want to share a short and quick piece of advice with you today.

About 2 years ago we installed an air filtration system in our house. We kept picking up silly colds and in the winter we were sick more often than not. It wasn’t bed ridden and can’t move sick but enough to feel pretty bad and getting things done was a struggle. We figured that the root cause of all of this was breathing in dirty and polluted air and any germs in the house weren’t being evacuated properly.

The first air filters we installed worked really well. Even after a few months we were finding that our health had improved. This wasn’t just down to missing fewer days from work but we actually felt better. It could have been a placebo however we chose to think that our health actually did improve and a quick Google search reveals countless studies that seem to back this up.

There was a problem though. The air filters and the system were great but we certainly felt that pinch when our energy bills started to come in. What price can you put on health? Well for us we were definitely feeling much better with the air filtration system installed but it wasn’t exactly helping us in a financial sense.

So we went online and found some trane air filters from Air Filter Buy that seemed to be more energy efficient. I did some research online and energy efficiency and air filters seem to be a big thing these days and the sector is rapidly developing new technology to make their systems ‘greener’. I wouldn’t say that we are the most environmentally conscience people around (we recycle like everyone else but don’t take it to extremes) however if it will save us money and contribute a bit to a better planet then why not?

After 6 months with the new filters we noticed that our energy bill had come down by a significant amount. In fact, after a year we really saw the difference. Something that I recommend to everyone is to change the filters regularly because we did and we noticed that the system works really efficiently as a result. OK, we haven’t saved enough to buy that condo down near the beach that we have been talking about for 5 years now but we have some extra money at our disposal which is never a bad thing in my book.

For those of you who have air filters in your home or are thinking of getting an air filter system installed then look for energy efficient models. They will cost less to run and if you change the filters regularly then you will notice how effective they are.

Finally, they really help with your health. We feel much better in general these days and I can’t remember the last time either of us missed a day of work due to illness such as a cold or the flu.

Until next time.

What I Realized About Weight Loss Technology

Woman showing how much weight she lost.After 2 long weeks of hectic school schedule and highly demanding activities, I was able to sit in front of my computer without any disturbance, curfews, and basically anything I have to keep in mind. All the time in the world is mine today and I badly need this. It’s been weeks since I lasted posted on by blog and finally, here I am today sharing to you guys another discovery I found. Well, at least it’s a discovery on my part, but some of you may already know about this anyways.

I was surfing the internet for hours, looking for hot topics I can write about. I was trying to find something that would interest me and would tickle the minds of my readers. It didn’t take long before I stumbled upon web content about weight loss products. Specifically, it’s an ideal protein Baton Rouge product that targets obese individuals and those who want to remove stubborn fats. I skimmed the product website and discovered various protein foods people can choose from. I even saw a website called http://www.drvickslamedicalspa.com/weight-loss/ideal-protein-diet.html which tackles different diet regimes, most protein-related which are said to be effective in losing weight a lot faster.

While reading many other websites about the topic, I realized how much the technology has changes for obese individuals and even for those who have minor fat problems. While back in the days, there were only few options for these people, today they have countless choices. In fact, one of my late aunt died due to fat problems which caused complications in her health, but prior to her death, she was already making massive improvements slimming down. But it’s the complications which the doctors weren’t able to solve immediately. Her two solutions back then were eating healthy and acquiring enough physical exercise. I knew back then that when those two were done at later stages of your life, there’d still be minimal chances of living longer especially if you have already encountered different health dilemmas.

Whilst modern techniques are already on the rise, I discovered that the oldie but goodie lipo is still supported by many. There’s this long island liposuction clinic that is very well known over the internet and many are highly recommending it. In one website called http://www.longislandbeautymd.com/slimlipo-stony-brook/ I learned that although there more highly technological approach to reducing fats, liposuction has already built a strong influence which is why it is still considered by the public. In fact, there are two types of liposuction which are quite common these days – the tumescent and the ultrasound-assisted liposuction. I haven’t done any further research about these two but I sure will in the next couple of days.

Techniques of all kind to reduce unwanted fats will continue to multiply, for sure. But even medical experts who perform surgical and non-surgical methods strongly say that proper diet and exercise are still the most effective way to erase all unwanted fats. Certain diets like vegetable diet and protein diet may help, but it’s wise to keep balance on all the food you eat to refrain from acquiring various health problems.

What is Atopic Eczema?

eczemaChronic skin disorders have overwhelming effect on the quality of lives of people afflicted by them.  One such ailment is atopic eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, characterized by hypersensitivity, swelling, redness, itchiness, patchiness, and dryness of the skin.  Fluid filled blisters or crusted skin are symptoms as well.  It is non-contagious, has a high heredity factor, and usually presents itself in early childhood.  There are instances wherein the condition continues on until adulthood or may emerge at that time.

Atopic dermatitis is very prevalent worldwide and its occurrence is said to be rising.  According to board certified dermatologist Lawrence Jaeger, eczema is usually found on the “bending” areas like the back of the knees, hands, and elbows.  However, affected areas can include the neck, face and scalp in more severe eczema.  It can be triggered by allergens or irritants in the environment, food, soaps, shampoos, etc. Exposure to airborne allergens such as mites, pollens, and spores is known to further aggravate the condition. Prevalence is also high in urban areas and in places with extreme humidity.

Individuals experiencing this disorder have difficulty falling asleep because of intense itching and scratching.  Patients are often trapped in the itch-scratch cycle, worsening eczema.  Health professionals claim that scratching exacerbates itching, increasing the desire to scratch more.   In a recent study it was revealed that patients experience emotional distress, anxiety, and delayed social development. Also, you can never rule out poor diet and nutrition with skin issues.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for atopic dermatitis but there are a number of methods to control it and treat its symptoms.  In one write up by Dr. Lawrence White on Facebook, he reveals that various creams and ointments, most often containing steroid cortisone, are prescribed to alleviate symptoms and find relief.  It is vital to steer clear from known irritants and allergens; discontinue the use of shampoo, soap, and detergent with harsh chemicals; refrain from wearing clothes made of wool and other rough fibers; avoid extreme cold or heat; and always remember to moisturize the skin.  A balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress management can also help control eczema.

Patients with severe eczema may be less responsive to usual treatments thus oral croticosteroids, immunosuppressants, and phototherapy may be the last resort to control the condition.

When a person is suspected to be suffering from atopic eczema, it is crucial to find a dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.  A specialist customarily records history of symptoms, checks probable occurrence of the condition within the family, and conducts systematic inspection of the skin to rule out other disease and infections.  Treatments and therapies are then recommended to help the patient cope with the skin condition.

The Physician Nightmare – Care, or Lack Thereof

physicianLet’s talk about something that a lot of people seem to care greatly about (and not surprisingly, to be honest – it is important). Let’s talk about a physician’s care, and what it can actually mean for you. Almost every time I’ve mentioned going to the doctor to a friend or to my family, I’ve heard horrible stories about cold waiting rooms and physicians who really don’t seem to care the slightest about their patients.

My current regular physician is Dr. Lawrence Jaegar (check him out: http://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Lawrence_D_Jaeger/profile, and I simply couldn’t be happier, but I can’t say it’s always been like that! I too have been through some horrific scenes when it comes to meeting with physicians.

Cold Waiting Rooms and Blank Stares

Yeah, I’m everything but new to this phenomenon. I get the feeling that a lot of people just go through their training to become doctors, and then go out into the field without ever stopping and learning that other part, the part you don’t get from books – simply being a decent human being who cares for his patients! Or for that matter, if we’re being more cynical, maybe they just started out caring and then slowly died inside…

A recurring thing seems to be being left in cold waiting rooms, which actually really scares me. This happened to me a couple of times, as I was led into a waiting room that’s way too cold by some nurse or assistant, asked to wait for the doctor to arrive. And he just didn’t arrive. I once waited almost thirty minutes (!) before someone had the decency to show up, and he didn’t even apologize or explain why it took so long. And I’ve heard even more horrifying stories from others, of waiting times as long as an hour or more.

Another thing which probably annoys me even more, is the way many doctors simply don’t seem to care about you as a human being. I’ve talked to doctors who didn’t even bother to look me into the eyes, but rather just stared at some piece of paper or off into the distance. This is a service profession, and it’s just about time for doctors to start acting like it.

Turning to Lawrence Jaegar

When I met with mr. Jaegar, my current physician for the first time I suddenly understood what a doctor’s visit is supposed to be like. Since then, I’ve grown to realize more and more how important it actually is to feel you’re being properly taken care of by a physician, to actually feel welcome and appreciated and not just thrown away. Sure, medical expertise is extremely important and you want your doctor to know what he’s doing, but having a doctor be nice and warm to you is probably much more important.

I still remember those horrible experiences with other doctors, but when I hear similar stories from my friends I keep telling them the same thing every time – don’t let this be it for you! You can actually have a pleasant experience if you just look around and try to find a good one who work well with you and your needs – no matter if it ends up being Dr. Jaegar, as it was with me, or someone else. You’re a patient and not cattle, and you deserve decent medical treatment.

How to Budget for a Home Correctly

bigstockphoto_Symbol_Home__520611For just about everyone, owning a home would be a dream come true. There is nothing quite like owning a piece of land and property that you can call your own. The problem that many people face today, especially Americans, is correctly budgeting for your home. Many companies providing home loans will give the loanee and specific number that represents the maximum loan amount they are approved of. For them, the higher the loan amount the better. Why? The sales person writing the loan either needs to meet a monthly quota (based on total loan amount) or they received a commission per loan calculated by a percentage of the total loan amount. In other words, they try to get the highest loan amount even when it doesn’t make financial sense for the loanee, which spells bad news for them down the line.

Ken Dart, a realtor and owner of worldpropertychannel.com, says that people buying homes need to know how much they can afford before they shop. He says that the loan amount they are approved for does not necessarily represent how much they can afford. On top of mortgage payments, there are many other fees involved that home buyers need to be aware of before signing away. The three main costs of a home that people forget to include are insurance costs, property taxes, and repairs and maintenance. Before you consider buying a home, you need to take into account these three costs in your monthly income.

You need to get an estimation of these costs before searching for a home. Depending on the area you are buying a home in will determine what type of insurance you need. Everyone will need home insurance, but some areas require additional insurance such as earthquake, flood, fire, theft, etc. Talk to your realtor to have them help you determine these costs. Additionally, first time home buyers need to know how much property taxes are. These are typically paid twice a year, but can thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. You will need to set up a separate savings account to ensure you have the funds available when the payment is needed to be made. As a tip, we recommend setting up an automatic transfer to your savings to force yourself to save when you receive paychecks. That way, you don’t have to worry about it. Finally, the third major expense people need to consider to repair and maintenance costs. Although much harder to estimate, repairs and maintenance can cost thousands each year. Typically, older homes, while cheaper in purchase price, will have a much higher repair and maintenance costs than newer homes will so keep that in mind.

Before we end this article, new home buyers also need to make sure they are not in a Home Owners Association (HOA), which require additional monthly fees for common area maintenance and community management. Many people don’t like living in HOAs because they limit the freedom of what homeowners can do on their own property, but many people also prefer them, because it ensures a clean and nice looking neighborhood. HOA fees can be hundreds of dollars a month so make sure to that into account in your budget.

What other tips and expenses do home buyers need to watch out for? Let us know in the comments below.

Recreating 70s Fashion for Film on a Limited Budget

clothesAnyone who’s been following entertainment news the past few weeks knows that American Bustle has won so many awards from many movie award-giving bodies already. Although the Oskars hasn’t been held yet, people can expect the film to also garner at least a couple of awards during the ceremony – American Bustle, after all, is one of the greatest films released this decade. One of the things that make American Bustle such a great film is the amount of effort its production crew put into recreating 70s New York for the film. The reason why I am actually writing this post is talk about one aspect of its production design: clothing. Every character in the film wears clothes that are faithful to 70s fashion. What’s amazing about this is that the film’s crew was able to make amazing authentic-looking clothes on a limited budget. Hopefully, talking about this will prove helpful to the many people who read this site who plan on working in the film industry.

The primary reason why the film’s crew was able to create so many amazing clothes for the film on a limited budget was their designers’ use of quality embroidering and sewing equipment. Despite being very affordable and even available to the general public, the equipment the film’s fashion designers used for the film can actually be hooked to a computer – by doing this, the machine is able to automatically sew or embroider any design uploaded by the film’s crew to the computer. “The equipment used by the film’s crew is considered high quality, not only by the film industry, but all the other businesses that rely on the mass production of different kinds of clothing; aside from getting the job done, the technology’s also very affordable,” respected writer Betsy Anders suggests using the best embroidery machine available for production that is this strenuous.

If there’s one thing anyone can learn from the crew of American Bustle, it’s that budget isn’t everything. American Bustle only had a budget of $20 million, yet even the tiniest details of the film were made to look authentic. Inventiveness will always trump budget when it comes to filmmaking. It doesn’t hurt to have a big budget – every director knows that it can help them turn their vision into a reality. Still, the primary concern of filmmakers and everyone else that works in the film industry should always be to cultivate their own inventiveness – people should keep this in mind.

Hopefully, what I’ve written here should prove helpful to anyone working or aspiring to work in the film industry. If the crew of American Bustle was able to create such an amazing film on a very limited budget, so can anyone else who has the resolve to do so. If you are interested in working in the film industry – specifically, as a production designer – In searching for the best sewing machine for beginners try The Threadwork Artisan, once you’ve picked one out start experimenting with it as much as can. Creativity is not a wholly innate talent, much of it can be worked on.

Is it Better to Buy Equipment or Rent?

equipmentIf your business uses high cost equipment then you’ve probably wondered whether it makes more sense to buy what you need or to rent. Both options have their benefits and  risks and a careful analysis of your current financial situation is important to make sure you make the right decision. On one hand, buying is usually a good option if you have an established business with consistent cash flow. If you’re not worried about being able to make loan payments or have the cash to buy what you need without financing then owning the asset is usually the smart choice. However, if you’re a new business without a consistent established cash flow then renting is most likely your best option. You’ll be able to keep your monthly payments low while still having access to the equipment you need.

Here are some guidelines to help you decide if you’re better off renting or buying:

Frequency: Is the equipment in question an integral part of your business? Will you be using it every day or multiple times a week? If the answer is yes then buying is probably the right decision for you. If you don’t plan on using it frequently or aren’t sure how often you’ll be using it then why not start by renting until you have a better idea of the planned usage. For example, if you run a construction business you may need a scissor lift for the occasional job. Starting out by renting one from a company that specializes in scissor lift rentals makes a lot of sense until you have a better idea of how frequently you’ll need it to complete your jobs.

Versatility: Is the equipment good for more than one task or does it have a sole purpose? If it’s versatile, like a truck that can be used to haul materials, tow trailers, and transport your workforce, then buying is a smart move, especially if the planned frequency of use is high. If it has a sole purpose, like a forklift, then renting is a safe bet.

Maintenance: Maintenance is a big consideration when it comes to buying over renting. Most rental contracts include a maintenance provision which means that if the item breaks or is malfunctioning the rental company will send a technician to fix it. This is especially important for equipment that requires specialized care like a copier or computer systems. For items that are more general in nature, like a truck, it’s easy to find quick access to a mechanic which means you won’t have any trouble getting it fixed if it does break down.

When considering your rent vs. buy scenarios start by putting together a budget. Get a few quotes on how much it will cost to buy and what your monthly payments will be. Estimate your maintenance costs and the operational costs to figure out how much you’ll realistically expect to spend. Do the same for renting but remember you won’t have to pay the maintenance costs.

When comparing your expected costs take the above points into consideration. Back to the scissor lift example, your calculations may show that it’s cheaper to buy than to rent but if your expected frequency of use is low then that may tip the scales back to renting. And remember to get quotes from multiple vendors who will all offer different incentives. And if you do need a scissor lift, be sure to check out all the options here before making a final decision.

Find a forklift within seconds!

forkliftAre you struggling to find a reliable forklift contractor? Does your company or home need something moved urgently? Do not stress about finding a reliable and cheap contractor, Rental Force has it covered!

With Rental Force you can source anything from sweepers to storage containers, no task is too big. Depending on the forklift capacity you are looking for, the prices can range from $1 200 to $5 000 per a month, however there are different day to day or weekly rates available for your needs as well. Everything is made simple on their site, and you do not need to search for different contractors or references, this site has it all and more.

There are 8 different forklift brands available for your liking. Some of the well-known names are Clark, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi. You will however need to know the following information before hiring a forklift, the lift capacity, the lift height and the engine type. The lift capacity is measure in lbs and this can range from 3 000 to 50 000. The lift height is measured in inches and some forklifts are able to reach heights over 192 inches! And lastly the engine type, there are three common engine types, which are electric, gasoline and diesel. If you have this information you will save yourself a lot of time in the booking process.

Bobby was very confident in saying “My experience renting a forklift from rentalforce.com was great. I searched for my city and ended up filling out a contact form. Within minutes I had a local company contact me with their price on the rental. After speaking with two more companies over the next few minutes I ended up choosing the first company that called. The whole experience was smooth, and helped save me time.”

Another confident customer, Tim, told us “I’m so glad I found RentalForce.com. I rent equipment often and this makes it much easier than it used to be. Before RentalForce.com I had to go to a bunch of sites for different equipment and gathering quotes would take days, now it just takes hours.” Need we say more?

Rental Force is well-known for their forklift rentals with regards to stacking and organizing warehouse inventories, transporting tools and materials on different building sites and loading and unloading freight trucks and containers. Making your job a lot easier knowing you have a reliable forklift at hand and not having to worry about purchasing any forklifts or servicing them. This takes a load off you for a change.

That is exactly what Rental Force is here for! Save time and money and make sure there is no hassle for you in the end. Operating in over 51 different areas, namely Colorado, Hawaii, Michigan, Florida and Texas there is no job that Rental Force can’t do. The company has many different services available, such as forklifts, electric forklifts, order pickers, pallet jacks, rough terrain forklifts, standard forklifts as well as telehandlers. So your choices are endless!

A Little Motivational Help from My “Trophies”

tatRecovering and rebuilding my life after being afflicted with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) was a long, arduous journey, with most of it uphill. I was fighting both my body and my mind, both of which seemed so bent on taking me down and keeping me there. There were migraines, the muscle and joint pains, the sore throats, the allergies, the fuzziness, and the depression. If it wasn’t one, it was the other, or a couple of others.

Seriously, fighting CFS is like fighting a ghost, so every battle I win feels like an awesome victory. And every victory deserves a trophy of sorts, so I get myself one. So I’ve accumulated quite a number of these “trophies”, and no two are the same. Sometimes I would get a tattoo, other times I would take a selfie and frame it. Still other times I would just get a paperweight, there are also times I would splurge on a piece of art, or treat myself to a watch or some other piece of jewelry. But all of them had to have a meaningful symbolism. One of my favorites is a pair of gold-plated rings, one with a skull design, and the other a cross — which for me represented the constant life-death tension that I dealt with every day. I wore them all the time, even if they were just inexpensive charm jewelry. Click here if you want to see what these rings look like.

My “trophies” served, and continue to serve, a vital role in my life. With every victory, I knew that the fight still was not over and that there was more to come. Even if I am healthy now, and I’ve put CFS behind me, there’s always a new challenge to be faced. There is always another trial to be dealt with next. I cannot ease up and get complacent. I have to keep on moving forward.

That’s where my “trophies” come in. There isn’t one minute in every day that one of them is not within view. If I look in the mirror, I see the tat that’s on my shoulder. When I’m at my desk, there are a couple of photographs there. When I’m signing a check, I see my rings on my right hand. So what exactly do they do? They keep me on track and prevent me from taking anything for granted, and help me to appreciate what I have. That is why I like to surround myself with these little and not so little reminders of all that I’ve been through and all that I have achieved. Each one of them inspires me keep the faith, to keep fighting, to believe that I shall overcome. Every time my gaze falls upon one of these babies, I can’t help but be filled with gratitude for the life I’ve been given.

Every person needs symbols in his or her life that hold special meanings. They serve as little inanimate cheerleaders, powerful motivators that can give that last little push to get one where one needs to go.


Easy and Simple Kitchen Remodels

Modern kitchen with stainless steel appliancesHome remodeling is becoming a trend nowadays especially when you want to increase the value of your home even it is already a few years old. Antique and traditional houses usually have a high resell value but you’re home doesn’t need to be that old in order to have a good value

There are so many things you could change, improve and add in your home especially when things go in and out of style frequently. The top home remodeling projects to increase the value of your home are currently bathroom, basement and kitchen remodeling.

A remodel will likely add to your home value but few will equal the entire cost of the remodel. There are many kitchen remodels for newbies projects are lower in cost but increase your return on your investment up. Home remodeling can keep your house and can help increase your home’s functionality as your family grows and changes.

The kitchen is one of the most valuable areas as it is considered the heart of the home and is often the center of life in the home. Kitchen remodels for newbies can be a big project if you get into wiring and plumbing work. If you want to do it on your own, you can simply paints the cabinets, update the fixtures like sinks and faucets and replace counter tops are they are quick and easy projects that most home owners can do. You cannot just immediately start any remodeling project when you have not properly determined you goal for the construction. Are you simply looking to update the decor of your kitchen or do you want to make more drastic changes? Your goals will help you consider when to do your project, how much you’ll need to invest in materials and labor, and if you do this project yourself or hire a professional.

Every kitchen remodels for newbies will start from budget planning to determine how much money you can afford to pour into your kitchen remodel. You cannot just immediately change the kitchen tiles or install new fixtures instantly especially when you do not have enough money to cover for the whole construction expenses. It would be better to save for a couple of months until you have enough money to actually pay for everything so that everything is completed on time. You also need to determine the project time frame since a remodeling project does not happen overnight and you still need to use a part of your kitchen for day-to-day cooking.

The top home remodeling projects to increase the value of your home are currently bathroom, kitchen and basement remodeling. Home remodeling can keep your house and can help increase your home’s value.

The kitchen is one of the most valuable areas as it is considered the heart of the home and is often the center of life in the home. Every kitchen remodels for newbies will start from budget planning to determine how much money you can afford to pour into your kitchen remodel.